Motivate Health - East Sussex

Motivate Health is an after school youth club project targeting 10-16 year olds.
The programme supports young people to gain confidence, make informed
healthy lifestyle choices and progress into further learning and employment.NEW-Motivate-logo-(1).jpg

The project targets those living in north east Hastings in Sussex, recognised nationally as an area of high deprivation.

image: young people enjoying a mindfulness classTypically, young people in this area risk falling out of education and training. They are also vulnerable to negative influences including alcohol, substance misuse, poor nutrition, obesity or gang influences. 

Motivate Health sessions run twice a week.  Based in a local community centre, the young people have a safe space to regularly meet up and develop new skills from a range of activities.

Attendees help shape activities and sessions through regular feedback and consultation.

Being Active

Regular exercise improves the health and wellbeing of young people.  At Motivate Health qualified coaches encourage young people to get involved  - helping improve communication, leadership and team skills through a range of sports and games.


Healthy Eating

Food and healthy eating are an important part of Motivate Health sessions, providing a great opportunity to talk and eat together whilst learning important life skills. 

Healthy snacks are provided at every session alongside regular cooking workshops.  These popular sessions promote healthy food options by introducing children to new flavours and food from around the world, as well as teaching skills around budgeting and meal planning.

Case study: Chloe's story

Chloe has attended Motivate since it opened. She attends every week, and is an enthusiastic member of the club, always willing to help in the session and gets involved with the workshops on offer.

One of these workshops included a healthy cooking course, where Chloe learned essential life skills in preparing and cooking healthy takeaway alternatives. Chloe cooked chicken curry, pizza, homemade burgers and chicken fajitas. It was really important to Chloe to take her culinary creations home and share them with her family.

Chloe will be moving into secondary education soon and Motiv8 Health will be supporting her with this transition -  helping to boost her confidence, build assertiveness, negotiate peer pressure and manage new and existing friendships.

Chloe said that she struggles to manage stressful situations.  When asked why she comes to Motiv8, Chloe explained “I come to club every week because if I have a problem I can always talk to someone.”