Neighbourhood Furniture Store now closed


01 September 2020

We’ve recently made the difficult decision to close our Neighbourhood Furniture Store in Sittingbourne.Image: Neighbourhood Furniture store external
As an important part of our charity for around 15 years, the Furniture Store has provided an essential furniture recycling service to those living in Kent and beyond.
Over its years of operation the Furniture Store has diverted over 1,350 tonnes of reusable items from landfill, and helped over 5,000 people on low incomes to turn a house into a home in affordable way.
Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers at the store have worked tirelessly to collect and distribute furniture to those that need it most. They’ve backed a range of initiatives, been finalists for three regional awards and have shown huge support to the local community over the years. We know that both the staff and the store will be hugely missed.
Due to the changing needs of the community and increased competition, the store has been operating at a loss for a while now. We’d been exploring a number of options and were hoping to agree to transfer the project to another charity. However, the huge financial pressure on charities due to Covid-19 has meant we’re unable to proceed with a transfer.
The Neighbourhood Furniture Store continued providing services to the local community throughout September 2020 and as of Wednesday 30 September has now closed permanently.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the Neighbourhood Furniture Store over the years; whether it be customers buying our furniture, people who’ve generously donated items or their time to help the charity.  A special thank you to our colleagues at the store who’ve worked so hard to deliver such an amazing service to the local community. You’ve all made a huge difference.

The Fresh Visions charity will continue to run and will be focussing on other areas. This includes our domestic abuse counselling service in Kent which continues to support women and children fleeing abusive homes. We hope we can continue to enjoy your support.

For more information please contact Zoe Jackson, Head of Fresh Visions Charity, on: