Social media community guidelines

Image: Social mediaWe strive to create an interesting, supportive and fun social media community.

We have a number of different social media channels that you can follow us on for the latest news and events in your area. We'd love you to engage with us online, so why not check us out?

Here are some of the links:

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Please note: Our social media channels are monitored between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). A member of the team will respond to all online enquiries within one working day. For anything urgent, please call us.

We want our social media followers to feel that they can communicate with us in a fun and constructive manner online. In turn we strive to reflect a wide range of interests for the benefit of all of our users.

In order to achieve all this, we ask that all our social media users adhere to the Social Media Community Guidelines below:

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Our guidelines...

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be polite, even if you disagree. Abusive language, aggression and bullying are not allowed (whether you’re speaking to other users or Fresh Visions). Distressing content is also banned.

  2. Our Facebook page is designed for users to discuss subjects relating to Fresh Visions. Content with overt religious or political bias intended to incite others will be removed. This includes excessive lobbying over a particular subject.

  3. We ask all our users to keep comments relevant to the original topic. Off-topic comments may be removed so we can keep discussions focused for all of our users. For example; If your comment is a repair request, posting within another user’s update may mean it is missed.

  4. We will try to help you with any queries, but we will never ask you to post identifying information publicly. In a situation where this is required, we may ask you to send us a private message (using Facebook’s messaging service).

  5. To safeguard the privacy of individuals, we will remove any personally identifying information from our public timeline.

  6. We’re happy for you to share your opinions on Fresh Visions via our public timeline, but ask that any criticisms remain constructive and focus on a subject we can act on or respond to.

  7. Repeated duplicate postings (spam) by the same user or groups will be removed as they clutter up discussions for other users.

  8. Comments subject to legal issues (slander, defamation, contempt of court) or publicising / encouraging / endorsing illegal activity will be removed.

  9. We ask that you give us the ability to respond to all comments. If your posts contains false or unverified claims we ask you allow us to correct these. If you continue to post false claims, these will be removed.

  10. We encourage users to post links to any website where the content is relevant to our users interests, subject to our team checking content. However we may remove these if we cannot guarantee the content of those sites is suitable for our audience.